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You would not want anything less than the best for your protection. Neither would we. Each day, over 12 million crimes occur across the USA. Nine million are crimes related to property that involve the theft of valuables, household goods, vehicles, and personal and company assets. A single lawsuit by an aggrieved crime victim within your premises can paralyze your business operations or shut them down completely.

Wise Protective Services, LLC (WPS) is an agency of dedicated professionals, and we take protecting your assets seriously. As a respectable security agency, WPS addresses threats and assesses vulnerability to eradicate attacks and criminal activity. We examine your facility to address weaknesses and advise where improvements can be implemented. We set a benchmark through our superior security solutions that match all risks and security challenges in the corporate environment.

At Wise Protective Services, your safety and peace of mind is our #1 Priority

Wise Protective Services, LLC provides comprehensive security services and highly trained professional agents with strong field experience, a global network of local authorities, and certified knowledge of security procedures and innovative methodologies. We can help your company feel confident about your security decisions. We provide the following:

  • Consultations: security advice and recommendations

  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Site Advancements and Surveys

  • Security Development: procedures, policies, and plans

  • Security Development: procedures, policies, and plans

  • Employee Screening

  • Executive Protection

  • Cyber Security

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