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Wise Protective Services, LLC (WPS) is a Georgia-based private security consulting company and asset protection firm. WPS was founded by USSS Special Agent Antomius Wise and is currently operated by the Wise family.

The advance preparations that we recommend for all our security services ensure that we do an adequate risk assessment to minimize potential threats and protect assets. We pride ourselves on courage, honor, loyalty, and experience.

WPS consists of former Federal Agents (USSS and IRS), current and former local law enforcement officers, and security specialists. We ensure that our clients obtain peace of mind and be relieved of liability. This rational reasoning helps mitigate lawsuits, saving clients time and money.

By selecting WPS to handle all your security needs, you are making a WISE decision.

Why choose Wise Protective Services?

Over the years, we established a successful company known for its efficiency and professional demeanor. Wise Protective Services has always been proactive in initiating and addressing the security challenges of the private and corporate sectors. Every time you acquire our services, you can have full confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results as listed:

  • We pride ourselves on our professionally trained, carefully screened, experienced, highly qualified, and dedicated team of investigative, intelligence, and security personnel.

  • Each agent is an expert at reading people and their surrounding environments.

  • We have a strong work culture founded on professionalism, high levels of integrity, four key principles, and superior work ethics.

  • You deserve the most comprehensive protection, and excellent customer service, at a reasonable price.

Wise Protective Services, LLC is a licensed agency in Georgia. We specialize in providing companies with expert investigation services to resolve threats through analytical and logical reasoning.

Our investigators consist of former Special Agents (USSS) and current and former law enforcement professionals who are highly trained to provide clients with timely and effective resolutions.

Our company works off four key principles established by our president. They are our pledge to you when you hire us.

The Four Key Principles: ACED

Security risks and threats are always changing, but we ensure that each agent on our team keeps up to date with global and local current events and innovative methods in protective services. WPS is ready to adapt to sudden changes if needed with custom-tailored individual and corporate plans.

We understand that your life and assets are at stake. These factors are highly taken into consideration. As a client, your safety comes first, and you can rest assured that you have made a wise decision.


Through training and professional development, WPS keeps our reputation for providing quality and progressive, protective services.


We want to be the best and safest option for you, so we believe in ongoing training and preparing for every possible incident. Every agent on our team must go through strict training that is both real-life and challenging.

License # PSC 002130 DUNS # 078665822

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